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Q. Why should I have a Web Presence?

A. A web presence gives your business 24 hour, 7days a week Internet exposure.
Be it a single page with your business details, or a full blown "online shopping cart", your business info is available to the millions of internet users.

Q. But I don't even have a computer !

You don't need a computer to have a basic web page. In this situation, the web page would be like a listing in a business directory. We supply a free email address that you can check for free at the Gympie Web Centre, or at any net cafe, or at the library.

Q. What if I want more than one page?

A. With egympie you have 10 Mb of space to put up a site. This would handle dozens of pages.

Q. Can I have more than one E-mail address?

A. Sure. Up to 10 of  your staff can have their own E-mail address if you like. Although the best way would to have one for each department. i.e. Sales, Admin, Dispatch etc

Q. Can I modify my own site?

A. Yes, or you can have a third party "Web Designer" do it for you.

Q. Why should I use egympie?

A. egympie is a local business promoting local businesses. We are endeavouring to provide a low-cost, high quality, web presence for businesses in the area. Our aim is to make all Gympie businesses (and Community groups) easily accessible on the Internet.

Q. What is the purpose of all of this anyway?

A. The Internet is the fastest growing medium on the planet. It is revolutionising the way we do business. Many people are doing all of their business "on the net" . egympie is a cost effective way to get a web page as a starting point. As time goes by, you may want to add more pages, i.e. a catalogue or price list, or even a full "shopping cart" system. egympie gives you the space to grow as your needs change. The Internet is there 24 hours a day, working for you.

Q.  Who is

A.  egympie is a project of Mick Dale and the Gympie Web Centre to foster local businesses, to encourage people to "shop locally" and to promote the Gympie, Cooloola and surrounding regions to the world.
egympie resides on a dedicated server located in a professional Data Centre.
egympie is a legally registered business in Queensland.

Q.  What about hosting on ADSL?

A.  ADSL means "Asymmetric Digital SUBSCRIBER Line", that is, a method for the public to access and view the Internet. ADSL was NOT designed to seriously serve web sites. Most ADSL powered services restrict page sizes or charge for data throughput, due to the data costs incurred, or by their limited bandwidth.

You will notice that sites hosted on an ADSL service may be "slow to load" especially during peak times.  This is due to the "viewers" outnumbering the so called "hosting services", causing a reduction in available bandwidth.


If you are in doubt about the technologies, terminologies, pros or cons of the internet, or need any assistance with your business or community group web presence, please feel free to contact us on 5483 8322



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